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tv   Today  NBC  July 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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you from nbc news. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio hoda kotb, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. you made it tory day friday. july 8th, hello friday by jason durillo. we have a fun show to catch off your weekend. who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. if your pup begs for food or jumps on your guests, we will show you how to leash in the bad behavior. >> if you are on the couch watching us. we are going to help you get off the
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lilly iana is up to her nec in one of the hottest pieces for summer, luxe for less. >> we should point out. we are dressed like twinkies. >> we came in this morning wearing the exact same pants and a black shirt. >> look. this is exactly how we came in. >> mine hit me at my angle and hoda's above. >> isn't this crazy? >> joann said, why don't you just wear it on the air. >> here we are. it is casual friday. what is yours. >> rachel roy. >> snap chat is so hat. when people ask you to take self-physical, we often snap chat you. we are going to try some of these different faces. here is you. do this first one. not that. open your mouth. >> ha.
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>> i'll do this one. >> now, you do this one. ha. >> oh. >> what? >> that's weird. what's this one? >> that's pretty. >> you know what? you are a princess. >> toast. >> raise your eyebrows and then eat. >> i love that one. >> hold on. what's this one? >> i don't know. >> that's sweet. how about this one? >> that's the big nose one. you look crazy but you know who looks crazier than you. >> you. >> watch. i look like a character. i look like the wicked witch of the west. >> very cute. >> here we are
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>> here is a face flop. first we have to put your face. is that your face? that's mine. hold on. we have to get closer. get in here. okay. wait. >> we have to get in here. wait. >> scary. >> that was fun. >> isn't snap chat fun? >> it's okay. >> there is a video floating around with a famous actor with a if i am must voice who is trying his hand at a country music career. >> rolling, rolling, rolling. >> morgan freeman. kick the dog rolling. >> morgan freeman.
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side ♪ >> john goodman, john goodman. >> who is it? >> patrick stewart. ♪ ride 'em >> all the charity from his music goes to the international rescue for refugees from armed conflict around the world. ♪ wrapped in white linen and cold on the train ♪ ♪ down on el paso ♪ i fell in love >> he sings nicely. >> you can go to and buy a five-song sampler album. we have a question for you. >> what do you think about dating wit
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difference not the way most people are accustomed to, which is the woman is younger than the man but older women dating older men? >> heidi klum is 42, dating a 29-year-old. allison jani showed up at sundance with her boyfriend, 20 years younger. there was a woman who had a little problem. she wrote into dear prudence and said her 66-year-old mom is about to move in with her 31-year-old boyfriend. the woman described her mom as never dating much, not rich, looks good for her age. she says the boyfriend is devastatingly handsome and nice. she wants to know should she worry? is something happening or is her mom getting scammed? what should she do? >> what do you think? >> you are going to have to wait a while and watch the relationship, watch how he treats her. people can fake things for a while. i'm
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>> me too. >> i'm not one to judge. frank was 23 years older than i was. we never saw that happening to us but it did and it lasted 29 years. i can't even imagine it the other way around. i don't mean to be double standard ish about it but i don't know how my children would deal with me coming home with someone that young. i guess if he is legal. what's legal? 18. >> 2 's legal? 18. >> 2 1 probably. >> there is something about people do fall in love. >> love finds you. you don't find it. i really do think that. >> i also think that you are right. if the guy is not harming your mother, then what's the big deal. so what? >> because i've been through it. when you fall in love as deeply as you do in life, you don't do the math at the time. it is just a number to you. it's only as the years
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natural progression of the age in a person and then you start to do the math. if it has been a good person. i would have never said, i wish i had never married him. i would have never had my children. >> some people spend a lot of time doing the math. >> when love finds you, consider yourself blessed. >> dear prudence says the age gap seems large butter mother is noenl her mid-60s and seems perfectly in command of her faculties. some guys like older women. so what. let it be. >> how many of you are out there? we would like to hear from you. >> speaking of dating, and trouble people have, sometimes the best advice you can ever get comes from little kids. >> because they are so honest. they are so pure-hearted. >> had
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ladies and asked little boys to give them dating advice. just little boy zs do you think i should say i love you first or he should? >> you should. >> listen to what your heart says. >> listen to what your heart says. if it says that, then say that. >> what's a good way to heal a broken heart? >> maybe just relax and sit down on your bed. >> maybe think about the good times you had. >> should i kiss him at the end of the date or is that disgust sng. >> kiss him. who cares. >> i once went on a date and the guy had such bad breath. >> go with the flow. >> and give him a breath mint. >> i think he wants to stay with childhood. >> you are going to be a great girlfriend. >> oh, thank you. >> you are going to do great. >> we have to give her a hug, hello. >> thanks, guys. >> how wonderful is that? >> look at how smart they were. oh, my gosh. >> i hope that was all real.
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>> it was really cute. >> it is friday. we are trying something, tryday friday. we have rainbow sangrias. >> the prettiest summer cocktail. the recipe is by give me some >> i am always afraid when i read something we are going to say something crude. >> give me some oven. >> one bottle of white wine, club soda, brandy, honey. >> it doesn't look like a lot to slurp but a lot of fruit. nivea has a seat belt commercial that has people talking. >> it is when you are trying to get sunscreen on your kids. take a look at nivea's commercial.
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>> everybody understands the importance of sun protection, except the ones who need it most, our kids. the solution, parents who drop it or the bird who drops his load. >> a remote control bird with a special dispenser for nivea kids sunscreen. >> okay. >> did you hear you say that? >> what, turd bird? >> that's what i said. >> it gets people talking.
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advertising legend called the most stupid thing he has seen in his entire life. we are talking about it. you know what it is time for? friday funny. >> go. a poodle and a collie are hanging out in a dog park. the poodle goes over to the o collie and says, i need to talk. my life is a mess. i don't like my owner, my girlfriend is leaving me for a germ german shepherd and i am as nervous as a cat. >> why don't you go see a pet psychiatrist? >> i can't, said the poodle. i am not allowed on the couch. >> the dog days of summer. what can i tell you? >> do we have that cute video? >> later in the show. don't forget, we are going to give it away next week. make sure you enter for next week's prize. our sponsor, amazon, is celebrating its prime day with five individual drawings. >> it is going to be big, big, big. >> huge. >> be a p
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for the complete rules, go to klg and and hit the connect button. >> first shot later. >> corn any and quirky ideas that might help you stay healthy this summer. >> right after this. summer. >> right after this. there's a bazillion ways to top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours? ♪ a dash of fruit in their favorite colo♪. ♪ a bunch of pineapple 'cause hey -- it's summe♪! ♪ bananas and berries 'cause the letter b rock♪. ♪ a little bit of yogurt? sure! why not? ♪ the fun never stops! how many ways can you snap, crackle, pop?
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aarp, these unusual solutions might work. >> here to walk us through is nbc news contributor, dr. natalie azar. >> a good way to keep cool while you are exercising. >> we have donna. >> you can stop technically. i am handing you four bottles of water. >> the prisoners were enjoying it. they are yelling, run on, run on, donna. >> the reason we do this, in your hand. in the palms of your hand. also, the head and neck area works. the palms have these vains in them which is part of your blood vessels that cools down the blood and that lowers your core body temperature. >> i find in between cleavage is good too. >> secondly, this summer, preventing tick bites.
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cdc says, first, apply your sunscreen the way you do and rub it in, half an hour before you go outside. after the sunscreen, that's when the insect repellant goes on. >> how much time? >> just until it dries. >> why? >> the way the insect repellant works, it creates an invisible shield so nothing will get into your skin. in two hours, reapply the sunscreen and in a couple hours, the insect repellant. >> donna, are you going to run off? good-bye, donna. >> another one of the many tips we are all going to love is shucking corn. who hates shucking corn? >> i like it. >> the segment is not for us. >> a nice way to do this, rather than shuck teeing and then cooking it, is to cook it with the silk on. two reasons why. number one, it comes off more easily once it is cooked. number two, it also seals in all the moisture. you want to be
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eating foods high in water content. >> we had a guy on that took an ear of corn like this. he cut off the base, not where all this is, put it in the microwave and pulled those off. it was great. >> we couldn't believe it. >> there are youtube videos on this. >> are we having marshmallows. >> hoda loves them. >> sooth a sore throat. this is one of these funny ones where i am not sure you are going to find it in a scientific journal. the idea is the gelatin in the marshmallow can coat the throat. the next one, i love. we are breaking in new shoes and get blisters. the idea here we are being shown by isabella is to put surgical tape over the places on your foot that are most likely to get blisters like the toe area here or the
10:19 am
you wear that with your shoes and it prevents much less likely to develop blisters than not doing it at all. i am going to do that with a knew pair of flats. >> i prevent it with band-aid. >> they come off and. >> surgical tape stays better. >> it stays in the center. >> the teabag. >> to prevent odor in your shoes. take a little alcohol on the cotton swab, wide the inside to clean out bacteria, let that dry and stick a teabag in overnight. >> hopefully, it helps to prevent odor in your shoes. >> all shoes or just sneaker? >> any closed shoe but i think sneakers are big offenders. >> they are. >> you can find more of these tricks in the most recent issue of aarp. >> one small step for man. one giant leap towards better health. >> little ways you can get your body moving every single day but first these messages.
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our favorite time to scour the internet to show you the great video. >> the star today is a 2-year-old dog named todo who knows exactly how to unwind. >> take a look.
10:24 am
>> we are mesmerized. oh, my gosh. >> oh, oh. >> oh, stretch. >> oh, my gosh. don't you love to have your head rubbed? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> who wouldn't want to be todo right now. >> that was adorable. >> for those of you moved by that video and about to break out soothing music, please take note that the laws to vary from state to state regarding animals an giving professional massages. >> that wasn't a professional massage. i thought it was somebody loving on their dog. >> if your dog gets a little overexcited and overly enthusiastic from your guests come over, like mine.
10:25 am
youno, no, no this up! she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey!
10:26 am
hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you? no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders.
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it's try day, friday. you can't teach an old dog new tricks. drayton michaels is an award-winning dog trainer. he says it is never, ever too late to teach your pooch new skills or get them to change their behavior. >> he is here to show us how to do all that. >> how about that old addage, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. >> if they feel good about the activity, you can teach them anything. >> a lot of people like myself, blake does, they don't like it when people they don't know come to the house. ding-dong. the doorbell.
10:31 am
>> hold on. i think summer is coming to the door. >> hi, yea. >> she came around. >> he doesn't look very happy. >> you gave him a treat. >> one of the things you can do is immediately start to reward the dog for the sound of the doorbell and implement a touch cue. touch, yes. so if your guests are just standing there and coming in, you can ask your dog for a touch. then, the dog is turning around and touching your hand. touch. they are not jumping on the person. or, you could have the person do the touch cue. >> what if you are not supposed to give those kind of treats to your dog? >> dogs love food. >> kate, thank you. that was excellent. >> what's your corgi's name? >> his name is auto. >> what about jumping up on people who
10:32 am
walking around. >> you could teach someone the touch cue very easy. you have your hand out to the side and you place it out like this. when otto touches my hand, i mark yes. they are targeting the hand and not jumping. if they jump, you always walk away. a consequence. >> you are not rewarding bad behavior? >> exactly. >> bye. now, it is time to eat. >> good, finally. we are starving. >> one of the things people do often is their dogs beg for food at the table. should we sit? >> sure, you can sit. why not? >> spaghetti. i have been dying for spaghetti all day. >> this is real food. >> one thing we spend big bucks on. we worked with otto. let's say we are eating and we don't want to do any training. we could give otto a work to eat toy. he is enjoying his work to eat toy while you are eating. he is completely trance
10:33 am
the food toy. he doesn't have to worry about what we are eating. now, let's say we didn't want to do that and let's say a piece of food fell. >> that happens a lot. >> a couple of glasses of wine and you are getting loose. >> we don't judge. >> you guys don't drink much, do you? if i have this piece of food and it fell. we have worked with at toe and he is super smart. if we drop this food and i say, leave it, good boy. there you go. leave it. >> so the touch and the reward is important. that's what you keep doing. touching the nose and rewarding. >> i am paying him for not taking this food. i am covering it really quick. you could practice this away from the dinner table. it is really important if you are going to have training done to do it in a context where you are not distracted. >> otto wants what
10:34 am
>> don't you always have to have lots of treats. >> you are carrying a fanny pack around with your treats. >> yes and know. >> it is very low-hanging treat. >> come on. no one told me. >> if you use work to eat toys, you can have that dog focused. here is quincy with tracee. hi, bud. >> one of the common things to have the dog learn is to ring bells. we worked a little bit with quincy before we came on set. he was doing okay. what we would want to do is have the dog ring the bell and then we would open the door and then the reward is that quincy gets to go outside. >> that's to let you know he needs to go potty. >> or call the mailman or something. >> quincy wants
10:35 am
>> what kind is he? he is so sweet. >> he is a rescue. >> we love all the dogs. thank you for coming. thanks so much. good to see you z. >> the little trend making a big comeback. lilliana is going to show you how to wear it. the little movements missing from you lifestyle that are vital for good health all coming up after this. th all coming up after this.
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tv shows. to and from traffic. a sedentary lifestyle can lead to more body aches and pains. we are going to get you on your foot with the movement diet. here to get us started is "prevention" magazine's jenna burgen sud van. >> when we walk, we do exercise but it is important to keep things going all day long. >> the movements of our body are vital as the food we feed ourselves. most of us are feeding all day and when we do, it is for a small chunk of time and we do the same thing over and over. it is about increasing the variety and it will help with aches and pains. >> pretend you are in your kitchen. how can we get some movement? >> oh, we are. >> how convenient. most of the time we set this up
10:41 am
reach. making a few small changes, most often. whether that's your spices or peanut butter or wine glasses. every time you go to reach for them, you are going to reach your arm over your head. how often do we lift our arms over your head during the day? we lack shoulder mobility. that's going to help with increasing the range of motion in your feet. the next thing you want to think about is putting the items you use all the time, your continuer plates, go-to pots and pans that are heavier. you squat down to get them. it adds up. it will keep the youthfulness, strength and mobility in the lower body. it is simple. you don't have to break a sweat. >> walking is one of the best things we can do for our body. it is so natural. the one thing i want you guys to start
10:42 am
where and how you are walking is so important. most of the time we are on a flat path. it is great for our cardiovascular fitness. what happens is that there are parts of our feet that aren't really getting strengthened. you think about varying the tur ra terrain of your walk. trails. >> cobblestones will add to your life. your brain has to. >> it is so important. the other thing you can do is to kick your shoes off. i can do this if anybody wants to join me. look at how the foot moves, right? it is so different. you want to do that. you can feel that. it is strengthening. the muscles in the arch of the foot when you are in a shoe. it feels curby
10:43 am
in the sand. >> i am going to talk to you about one last thing we can all do more of. getting up and down from the floor more often. it is not easy. the reason it is not easy is because we are never doing it. our body was meant to do that regularly. start utilizing low tables in your house, coffee tables and repurposing them. thinking about folding your laundry is a wonderful example. make it as a low desk and put your laptop there and answer your e-mails or have a picnic. >> squat over it. >> you can do whatever feels best for you. if you are folding laundry, get a nice comfortable pillow, fold towels, watch the "today" show. get back and up. >> the problem is most of us are in the
10:44 am
weak gluts and perfect for back pain. doing this is simple. >> lilliana is going to have you all choked up when she shows off her luxe for less. >> i love that choker. >> i love that choker. ♪ downy put a gopro in a washing machine to show you how the laundry process wreaks havoc on your clothes thrashing them 3,000 times every wash. crushing them with 60 times the g-force of a rocket launch and baking them in a dryer that can get hot enough... cook ribs. detergent alone is not enough. add downy fabric conditioner... help protect clothes from stretching, fading and fuzz. learn more at
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coming into lilliana's luxe for less. >> i hear you have a comeback trend. >> it is the hottest jewelry trend in the summer. it was around in the 1940s. it was called dog collars. it was around in the '90s. i wore and it was bad. chokers. they come in so many different styles. >> i layered them. that is the cool thing. there is so much versatility. ha
10:50 am
b bohemian and alexandra looked gorgeous in hers. we have three gorgeous ladies showing you how to wear them the real way. first up, ashley, this is more bohemian, leather, embossed from aaron dana. you are wear them so many different ways, white and embossed with tiny little straps, perfect look. >> you can tie them so many different ways. you can really express your own personal style with the choker. >> then here on lisa, we are doing it in a little bit more of a dressed-up way. architectural chokers are huge. >> you are wearing architectural chokers. this is from meridian app, an open choker that doesn't clothes all the way around. this is more subtle. this is a perfect
10:51 am
we have this from bobble bar. this is more of a dog collar style and this is $20. last but not least, we have the lace choker. these are beautiful. they have great detail. i love the way they look. there are so many different options with this one. you can wear it as a choker or you can wear it as a head band or you can tie it around your wrist. these are all from asri vavivaw. >> what's the neckline you should wear this with? >> i love it with off the shoulder. that's been a huge trend. kathy, i was looking at your top. it has a little bit of a tip in the dip in the center. can i put this on? it is really delicate and simple. it fits at collarbone. it can sit up high or right at the
10:52 am
i think a v-neck the way i have it here. >> what should you not be wearing them with? >> anything high. with yours, i love yours sits up here and is super dainty. i wouldn't do a big choker with that. off the shoulder and tank tops. perfect for all summer long. >> we'll be back with more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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we are looking for people that have had a second act. >> did you switch careers or turn to an entire different act. >> go to >> next week in ghost buster, leslie jones. >> emma roberts is here. tony robbins is
10:56 am
laurie lochlin is here and jeff lewis revamps your outdoor space. i got to sneak behind the scenes of "hamilton." >> with the new lead? >> javier munoz is going to take over for lynn manuel miranda. >> i will see him next wednesday. let's not forget, regis is going to be with us. >> i can't believe this. this is a throwback performance by "cool and the gang." >> big week. before that, we want you to have an awesome weekend! >> why wouldn't you? remember, we should savor and linger for your weekend. >> and enjoy a sip of something. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. .
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we're hurting. our profession is hurting. >> that is the dallas police chief expressing the grief much of the country is feeling after five police officers were killed and seven others wounded in an ambush during a protest. >> we have team coverage of this developing story, including a look at how police are tenniste up security for officers here. ambush, that's the headline in dallas, where five police officers were killed and 12 others in total were shot last night. someone, possibly multiple


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